martedì 6 novembre 2007

Save the Park "Selva di Paliano"

The Park a few years ago - now- in the future (?)

This park: La Selva di Paliano is dying. Garbage everywhere, animals killed by poachers..and since October 30th its whole territory will be put out for a public auction, after being parceled out. It will be probably be purchased by building firms and, as it's nowadays the Italian trend, trees will be replaced by concrete.

After 30 years of activity and 9 millions visits by people of any age, this once beautiful park will be eliminated.

The Association "Grillo Parlante" has started a petition to save the Park. Please read it and sign it if you agree with it.

A few days ago, on October 31st, an Italian member of the European Parliament, Luca Romagnoli, wrote me and sent me copy of the question he made about this Park.

The Commission should give an answer within 90 days. This document will not block the auction, but it will probably be useful to increase the attention on this matter.

What we can do is write to the members of the Italian Parliament and ask them to take action in this matter. This post of mine in my Italian Blog contains various email addresses that can be useful, you can find other ones on This website.

You can also watch the Video the Association made available on YouTube.

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