domenica 16 marzo 2008

If you speak English..

..and you'd like to appear on TV, this post is for you!

The production company Less Visible Things is looking for people that speak fluent English to participate to the shootings of the second season of the minisieries "The Sleep of Reason" .
Interesting experiment of docu-fiction on the paranormal subject realized in coproduction with Studio Universal, the series tells the misterious story of the murder of a psychiatrist specialized in regressive hypnosis. The first season, comprised of 8 episodes of 7 to 12 minutes, is already been aired on Studio Universal last year and is now available on Youtube and on iTunes as a video podcast (here the link to subscribe).
The new episodes will be shot in Rome. Like for the first one, no compensation will be given to the participants, but the series will air on Studio Universal and it will be presented to several events in Italy and abroad.
Even if Studio Universal has dubbed the episodes in Italian, the docu-fiction is shot almost entirely in English. Therefore perfect knowledge of this language is required to participate to the shootings.

For further information you may write to the journalist that hosts the series, Steve Bell, via this form.

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